Project Restore Hope


Picture of the wreckage of someone's christmas memories.

An image from Plaquemines Parish in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. © 2006 Tozier Fire Services.

When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana it took with her homes, businesses and, perhaps more cruelly, their memories.   The government, as well as volunteers from all over the country, are working hard to help the victims of Katrina get their homes rebuilt and their businesses up and running again -but, what about the lost memories?

Last year while working in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, the devastating loss of personal possessions, specifically Christmas ornaments, heirlooms and personal treasures, touched me.   I had a vision to "Restore Hope" with an ornament campaign... and with the generosity of gifts of time, money, and love we delivered thousands of ornaments to the residents of Plaquemines Parish, giving them "hope" and a brighter more joyous Christmas. My mission is not over. There are many more families moving into trailers, rebuilding homes, and rebuilding lives. This year we'll need even more ornaments and even more hope. I hope you'll help with this "heart need."

Let's give them hope...let's give them some new heirlooms to replace those destroyed by the hurricanes. Help decorate their homes and trees for Christmas.

Here are some ways to help:

Get into the Christmas spirit of giving early! The ornaments need to arrive at our office no later than November 1st, so they can be sorted, boxed and ready for shipping.

Send to:

Christmas - Restore Hope
c/o Tozier's Clerical Support
1803 Mangrove Ave.
Chico, CA 95926

For questions, contact Gail at .

Thanks, in advance for giving hope and sharing the Christmas spirit.